• Vodka Açai

    The unique flavor in the Ice Shot Vodka portfolio, Ice Shot Açai is an on-trend blend of açai, blueberry and pomegranate with an elegant focused berry aroma

  • Deep Espresso Vodka

    Espresso is one of the hot new flavors of vodka and Ice Shot Ltd. has released a Deep Espresso Vodka which is rich and has a great roasted bean flavor to it.

  • Pineapple Vodka

    Ice Shot Pineapple Vodka has a beautiful and irresistible flavor of typical pineapple complemented a hint of orange in the background.

  • Strawberry Vodka

    Many prefer vodka for their daiquiris because it doesn’t have as much flavor as rum does. Vodka is similar to light rum both because it has a short fermentation period

  • Reverse Flavors

    Reverse images of the flavors

  • Flavor Slideshow

    Images posted on 01/07/2013

  • Ice Shot Vodka in the World

    Ice Shot Ltd. is an international brand

  • Ice Shot Vodka Promo Video

    High quality promo video for Ice Shot Vodka