Drinks Collection

  • 50ml Pouch

    ICE SHOT 50ml Pouch is an innovative new concept that provides the consumer with “grab and go” convenient and user-friendly package for alcoholic beverages.

  • Frosted Vodka

    To get a perfect frosted drink you need to serve it in glasses stored in the refrigerator or buried in shaved ice enough time to give glass a white, frosted ice cold look and feel.

  • Black Vodka

    As vodka goes Ice Shot Black Vodka is an excellent premium brand that can be defined on its own without the branding of "Black Vodka" and can stand against any of the non-colored vodkas on the market.

  • Vodka Açai

    The unique flavor in the Ice Shot Vodka portfolio, Ice Shot Açai is an on-trend blend of açai, blueberry and pomegranate with an elegant focused berry aroma

  • Deep Espresso Vodka

    Espresso is one of the hot new flavors of vodka and Ice Shot Ltd. has released a Deep Espresso Vodka which is rich and has a great roasted bean flavor to it.

  • Pineapple Vodka

    Ice Shot Pineapple Vodka has a beautiful and irresistible flavor of typical pineapple complemented a hint of orange in the background.

  • Strawberry Vodka

    Many prefer vodka for their daiquiris because it doesn’t have as much flavor as rum does. Vodka is similar to light rum both because it has a short fermentation period