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Prestigious vodka bottle decorated with 14 carat gold.

Ice Shot™ vodka produced in Poland comes finally to Romania. Ice Shot™ vodka a world-renowned company owned by a businessman who lives in Romania.
Fermentation occurs due to natural fermentation materials without additional synthetic ingredients . Vodka presents a delicate sweetness and finish smooth and clean it can be achieved only using a unique manufacturing method combines modernization and production process developed during the last few centuries .
Ice Shot™ vodka goes through a distillation process in seven steps under the supervision of experts and vodka worldwide.
After the commercial success all over Europe the company decided to enter the Romania market with a prestigious vodka bottle that is decorated with 14 carat gold.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, day after day, we come up with products characterized with unprecedented originality and high quality. Today Ice Shot™ Vodka has a strong experience in the production of alcoholic beverages. It is a unique advantage that contributes to the intensive development of the company and foreign markets. Thanks to the ingenuity and commitment of all our staff we are able to meet the demand of even the most refined tastes and fulfill our customers’ dreams. We constantly strive to surprise them with a wealth of new tastes and meet all the needs of the consumers.

In our production processes we use only raw materials of the highest quality. All the alcoholic beverages we offer are manufactured from a unique crystalline neutral spirits.

Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our products, and consequently increase the satisfaction of our customers.

Ice Shot™ Vodka offer not only products targeted for individual clients, but we also create the so-called private labels both for the domestic and foreign markets.These are all types of goods sold under the brand of the retailer. Private labels provide consumers with a choice and an opportunity to regularly purchase quality products, cheaper than manufacturers’ brands, that meet quality standards and technical conditions of the retailer.

Only Ice Shot™ Vodka can make a large variety of unique alcoholic beverages, which proves that we are a pioneer in the field of innovation.
Ice Shot™ Premium Vodka
This company offers machinery for the other four divisions to fill and seal pouches. It also has a wholesale division that buys and sells all over the world products in overseas markets through its distribution chain.
With their Eco-Smart™ alternative pouches to PET / glass bottles they developed the lowest carbon dioxide footprint and for example 30 truckloads of empty rigid packaging equal 1 truckload of pouches.

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